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Ibiza Opening Party 2022

Ibiza Opening Party 2022
Track No.ArtistTitleDuration
1.GroovebotGhost Town00:03:08
3.Michael RulandAnother Day00:03:27
4.Summer DisclosureDay and Night (Extended Mix)00:04:47
5.Junior CrewOne Touch00:03:15
6.About VegasBreathe Deep00:03:24
7.California SunTouch the Sky (Galactic Remix Edit)00:02:55
8.My IslandCrazy for You00:03:30
9.JambooImagination (Tropical House Mix)00:03:29
10.Melbourne KidzOn My Mind00:03:11
11.Prince RingoThe Tribe of Love00:03:48
12.Enaya & HeleenTake My Hand (Slap House Mix)00:03:27
13.Tommy LazerStay00:03:10
14.MoastAll Together (Space Remix)00:03:47
15.Melbourne FreaksJump00:03:20
16.Dana BladeCinema00:03:37
18.Angel BuzzIf You Want To (Instrumental Version)00:03:13
19.Alex PhunkI Wanna Be00:04:15
20.Full Moon FunkYoung Forever (Paradise House Mix)00:03:02
22.Dana BladeTry00:04:00
23.ArusoIt’s All About Love (Chillhouse Mix)00:03:52
24.Big City BeatYou Can Feel It00:03:49
25.FiltercutFeel Me Now00:03:02
26.Summer BeatsMy Body00:03:17
27.Funk PoppasSpin Out00:03:12
29.Mario CastelloDancing All Night00:03:50
30.Paradise AirlinesI Wonder Why00:03:45
31.Pure Blue SkyAre We lost00:03:27
32.Rave AgendaWe Can Party Anywhere (Anthem Mix)00:03:09
33.Robby SchulzNight Falls00:03:32
34.Secret MelodyJust a Liar00:03:18
35.The BetatestersPieces00:03:09
36.Eddy Chrome feat. Kimberley GeorgeGasoline00:03:21
37.Zebra CityLove You00:02:44
38.American Groove JunkiesGet Down (Edit)00:03:52
39.Cheap SunglassesHolding On (Alex Phunk Remix)00:02:58
40.The White NightsNo Fears00:06:03

Ibiza, the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, is known worldwide for its vibrant party scene. It has been a hub of electronic dance music and club culture since the 1980s, attracting party-goers and music lovers from around the globe. The island’s legendary clubs have played host to some of the world’s biggest DJs and performers, creating unforgettable experiences for those lucky enough to attend. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 most legendary parties on Ibiza that have helped establish the island as a mecca for dance music.

  1. Amnesia’s Cocoon: Amnesia is one of Ibiza’s oldest and most iconic clubs, and its Cocoon party is one of the most popular on the island. Founded in 1999, the party has become synonymous with techno music, with a lineup of world-renowned DJs playing every Monday night. Cocoon’s popularity continues to soar, with its 2019 season marking its 20th anniversary.

  2. Pacha’s F*** Me I’m Famous: Pacha is another legendary club on Ibiza, and its F*** Me I’m Famous party is one of the island’s most notorious events. Founded by superstar DJ David Guetta, the party has been a fixture on Ibiza’s club scene since 2004. The event features a high-octane mix of house, techno, and pop music, and has hosted some of the biggest names in the industry.

  3. Ushuaïa’s ANTS: Ushuaïa is a luxury open-air club that has become a staple of Ibiza’s party scene. Its ANTS party, which began in 2013, is dedicated to underground house and techno music. With its unique production and visual elements, ANTS has established itself as one of the most innovative and exciting parties on the island.

  4. DC-10’s Circoloco: DC-10 is one of Ibiza’s most infamous clubs, known for its raw, industrial atmosphere and hardcore party vibe. Its Circoloco party, which began in 1999, has become legendary, featuring some of the best techno and house DJs in the world. The party is famous for its after-hours sessions, which often stretch well into the next day.

  5. Privilege’s Resistance: Privilege is the largest nightclub in the world, with a capacity of up to 10,000 people. Its Resistance party, which began in 2017, is dedicated to techno and house music, and features an impressive lineup of international DJs. The event’s breathtaking visual effects and massive sound system make it a must-see for any party-goer on Ibiza.

  6. Eden’s Defected: Eden is one of Ibiza’s newer clubs, having undergone a major renovation in 2013. Its Defected party, which began in 2017, is dedicated to soulful and uplifting house music, and features some of the most talented DJs in the genre. With its colorful visuals and infectious energy, Defected has quickly established itself as a favorite among clubbers.

  7. Heart’s Glitterbox: Heart is a multi-level venue that combines music, art, and gastronomy. Its Glitterbox party, which began in 2014, is dedicated to disco and house music, and features an impressive lineup of international DJs and performers. The event’s flamboyant costumes and glittery decor make it a feast for the senses.

  8. Sankeys‘ VIVa Warriors: Sankeys is a small, intimate club that has gained a reputation for its unique party atmosphere. Its VIVa Warriors party, which began in 2012, is dedicated to underground house and techno music, and features a lineup of up-and-coming DJs as well as established names in the industry.

  9. Hï Ibiza’s Black Coffee: Hï Ibiza is a modern, state-of-the-art club that opened in 2017. Its Black Coffee party, founded by South African DJ and producer Black Coffee, has become one of the hottest events on the island. The party features a diverse mix of house, techno, and Afrobeat music, with Black Coffee headlining every week.

  10. Ocean Beach’s Kisstory: Ocean Beach is a stylish beach club that combines music, dining, and relaxation. Its Kisstory party, which began in 2014, is dedicated to old-school R&B, hip-hop, and garage music, with DJs spinning classic tunes from the 90s and early 2000s. The party has a laid-back vibe, making it a popular choice for those looking to chill out and enjoy the Ibiza sun.

  11. In conclusion, Ibiza is home to some of the most legendary parties in the world, attracting party-goers from all over the globe. From techno and house to disco and R&B, there is something for everyone on this vibrant island. Whether you’re a die-hard dance music fan or just looking for a good time, these 10 parties are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. So pack your bags, grab your dancing shoes, and get ready for the party of a lifetime on the beautiful island of Ibiza.