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Ibiza Opening Party – Chillout Edition

Ibiza Opening Party - Chillout Edition
Track No.ArtistTitleDuration
1.Pearls of IbizaChampagne in the Lights (Acoustic Version)00:03:43
2.Fun Till Six feat. Camila BearziLet’s Dance Again00:03:36
3.Ridgeback feat. HeleenLive Forever00:03:22
4.Planet Soda feat. Victoria HusterFree00:03:13
5.Million ColoursLondon in the Rain00:03:06
9.Bermuda TwinsGood Things00:03:18
10.DJ AbsinthDon’t Take My Soul (LoFi Remix)00:03:39
11.MR78 feat. HeleenStairway to Our Love00:02:44
12.Michael Ruland feat. Dana KelsonBurning Down (Piano Version)00:03:06
13.MooxIn Your Eyes00:03:45
14.Summer DisclosureRemembering Ibiza (Chillout Version)00:05:52
15.DJ AbsinthDon’t Take My Soul00:03:41
16.Summer DisclosureMake Me Feel Home (Epic Chillout Remix)00:09:01
17.MixamalThe Noise (Chillout Rework)00:03:12
18.Cheap SunglassesYour Energy (Chillout Version)00:03:15
19.Ibiza Groove Squad feat. Dana KelsonBandits (Pure Piano)00:02:54
20.Tom van DashSunrays (Chillout Version)00:04:28
21.Mykel MarsWhite Beach (Chillout Remix)00:05:02
22.Chillout Lounge IbizaLounge del Mar (Café Mix)00:05:57
23.About VegasWhen You Come Home (Chillout Version)00:04:02
24.WolkenlosPure (Chillout Version)00:03:45
25.Mykel Mars feat. Diandra FayeKing & Queen (Acoustic Version)00:03:12
26.Ben ArrowsMan in the Moon00:03:10
27.Hotel StereoMorning Dew (Sunrise Mix)00:04:28
28.Eddy ChromeIn Love00:05:37
29.Mykel MarsL.A. Nights (Lounge Mix)00:05:57
30.Michael RulandNew Horizon00:04:16

The Best 10 Chillout Tracks On Ibiza

Ibiza, the Balearic Island off the coast of Spain, is known worldwide as a party destination, drawing in thousands of tourists every year who come to dance the night away in some of the world’s most famous clubs. However, Ibiza also has a more laid-back side, and it’s this chill-out scene that has become just as iconic in its own right.

From sunset bars to beach clubs, the island is home to some of the best chillout music in the world, with a style that blends everything from ambient to Balearic beats, jazz, and beyond. Here are ten of the most famous chillout tracks that have come to define this sound on Ibiza.

  1. Cafe Del Mar by Energy 52 It’s hard to talk about chillout music on Ibiza without mentioning Cafe Del Mar, the iconic sunset spot on the island’s west coast. The venue was made famous by this track, released in 1993 by German duo Energy 52. With its hypnotic beat, ethereal synths, and melodic saxophone line, Cafe Del Mar captures the essence of a perfect Ibiza sunset.

  2. La Mar by The Cinematic Orchestra This track by British group The Cinematic Orchestra is a beautiful piece of jazz-infused chillout music. Featuring delicate piano and trumpet, La Mar builds slowly and steadily, creating a sense of calm and tranquillity that’s perfect for lazy days by the sea.

  3. Lovers In Paris by Jacob Gurevitsch Jacob Gurevitsch’s Lovers In Paris is a summery, romantic piece of music that’s perfectly suited to the laid-back vibe of Ibiza. With its Spanish guitar, tropical percussion, and dreamy vocals, it’s the perfect soundtrack for a day spent lounging on the beach.

  4. Porcelain by Moby Moby’s 1999 album Play was a landmark release in the world of chillout music, and the track Porcelain is one of its standout moments. With its delicate piano, atmospheric synths, and haunting vocals, it’s a perfect example of Moby’s signature sound.

  5. At the River by Groove Armada British duo Groove Armada’s At the River is a classic chillout track that captures the blissful feeling of being on holiday. Featuring a simple but catchy guitar riff, laid-back beats, and a soulful vocal sample, it’s the perfect tune for lazy days in the sun.

  6. The Sun Rising by The Beloved The Beloved’s The Sun Rising is a classic of the Balearic beat scene, with its uplifting piano riff, euphoric vocals, and gentle groove. It’s the perfect track for a sunrise session on the beach.

  7. Afterlife by Alpha X Afterlife by Alpha X is a classic Ibiza chillout track, with its gentle beats, soft synths, and delicate piano line. It’s the perfect tune for relaxing after a long night of partying.

  8. Freedom by The XX Freedom by British band The XX is a beautifully atmospheric track that combines dreamy vocals, delicate guitars, and haunting synths. It’s a perfect example of the band’s signature sound, and its chilled-out vibe makes it perfect for the Ibiza scene.

  9. My Friend by Groove Armada Groove Armada’s My Friend is another classic chillout track from the British duo. With its catchy piano riff, uplifting vocal sample, and laid-back beats, it’s a tune that’s guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood.

  10. Moments In Love by Art of Noise Finally, we have Moments In Love by Art of Noise, a classic chillout track from the early days of the scene. With its lush strings, gentle piano, and soft synths, this instrumental track is a masterpiece of ambient music. It’s a perfect tune for unwinding after a long day on the island, or for simply getting lost in your thoughts.

    In conclusion, Ibiza’s chillout scene is a rich and diverse world of music that has become just as famous as its party scene. From the iconic sounds of Cafe Del Mar to the jazz-infused tracks of The Cinematic Orchestra, the island is home to some of the best chillout music in the world. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, watching the sunset, or just relaxing after a long night of partying, these ten tracks are sure to provide the perfect soundtrack for your Ibiza experience.